The elusive Seamonkey.

The browser I use is SeaMonkey, which is the “original” browser from Mozilla. Although Mozilla is better known for Firefox, the two share the same code base. Because I used to be quite involved with QA and code triage work on SeaMonkey, you can still see my name “in lights” if you go to the URL “about:credits” in any of the Mozilla browsers. (This may be my sole objective claim to fame.)

There haven’t been any Windows nightly builds of SeaMonkey since November of 2015. I finally got curious and decided to take a look. Apparently, official nightly builds have stopped because they are moving over to Visual Studio 2013 – among various other things. But I managed to find a link to “unofficial” nightly builds, and am now running a 64-bit Windows build from February 8th. Just a recent build is nice (I always maintain a bit of a bleeding edge life when it comes to technology) but grabbing a 64-bit version was an unexpected surprise.