Windows 10.

An in-place upgrade to Windows 10 at work went amazingly well. But due to some short-sightedness on my part, followed by a bit of insanity on Microsoft’s part, my upgrade at home failed utterly. After two days I ended up with a clean install (Windows 8 that was then immediately upgraded to 10), and having to reinstall all of my applications. I can’t really fault what happened at home as it was an edge case.

So far, I like Windows 10 a lot. I liked Windows 8 – and Windows 10 is simply “even better”. With one exception. It feels like there are frequent updates. These are downloaded automatically and a reboot scheduled, which is fine. But unlike every other version of Windows I’ve worked with, it seems that more often than not my systems become “unstable” pending the reboot.

Sometimes I can’t pin anything to Start. Other times, other “strange” behaviour takes place. Just this morning I got a bunch of video related error messages – because my video drivers had been updated overnight. But none of this should happen. Essential changes to the OS should only be occurring on a reboot. So long as you don’t reboot, there should be no observable affects on the use of your desktop.

I’m hoping this is something that will be smoothed out in the future. It’s possible I’m only experiencing this because nothing has been officially released yet and I’m simply suffering from “early adopter syndrome”.