Naomi Osaka’s press ban.

Naomi Osaka has said that she will avoid press interviews after any of her matches at the French Open. Participating in these interviews is part of contracts signed by players on the tour, and she’ll be fined $20,000 for each one she avoids.

The response has been mixed.

Most people say they understand, but that taking part in press conferences is part of a player’s responsibility.

But I say good for her. If she doesn’t want to give a press conference, she shouldn’t have to. And if she’s willing to pay the fine, then that’s okay too. If I really disliked talking to reporters—especially right after a match, and in particular if I’d lost—I’d be happy to do the same thing. Assuming I could afford to do so, as she can.

Different people handle things differently, and I’ve rarely let other people’s expectations of me dictate how I behave. Far more often than not, especially later in life, I think it’s very important to be exactly who you are.