I found Star Trek: Discovery best left undiscovered.

I turned it off after the first 10 minutes and stopped watching it. I almost never do this with anything (at least in the middle of a show), and I’ve watched every episode of every Star Trek series up until now. But I found the dialogue in the script so unappealing that it held no interest for me whatsoever. Not only was I completely disinterested in anything either of the two characters had to say, but there was no context given for anything that happened. Even looking beyond the writing (which I found sterile), I was annoyed that the Klingons were presented as yet another “reboot” of their conception—making them not fit into any of their previous portrayals. Even trying to forget about all of the lore from everything that’s gone before (as the producers clearly want to reimage everything), there still wasn’t enough about it to make me even want to remain interested. I could have kept watching for the entire hour, hoping to get a figurative foot wet in the universe, but I just didn’t care enough to do so. It failed to provide any kind of hook to rope me in, and I couldn’t force myself to follow it based on any kind of “brand loyalty.” It’s visually interesting. That’s about the only good thing I can say about it.

Instead, I will continue to watch The Good Doctor, which, although not great and burdened with cliches, and still struggling to provide a genuinely interesting narrative arc after the first three episodes, I still find myself enjoying …

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