No comments for you!

I’ve recently discovered (because I never comment on my own blog entries) that comments are no longer working. Instead, when trying to add a comment, I get a nice error message that doesn’t tell me anything. The software my blog is currently using is Moveable Type. I’ve been using this since version 3.x was released, several years ago. I’m not exactly “unsavvy” when it comes to researching a problem and fixing it; in this case, however, I’ve had no luck determining what the problem is. (After looking into a few things that did no good.) It’s not just me either – the problem is also affecting Michelle’s blog.

I may end up having to export my blog entries and comments and either completely reinstall Movable Type (then import) – or simply switch over to WordPress. This is the other leading blog software, and one which Michelle is now using at work for her church’s Web site.

I find it annoying that I recently had a bunch of spam comments appear here – despite the fact that adding comments the normal way doesn’t work. That may also be a good indicator that I should give WordPress a try and see if I like it better. In the meantime, however, you can read everything I write, but – unless you’re a spammer – you won’t be able to comment…