A real life Hannibal.

Here’s an excerpt from a news article that I just read:

“A computer expert accused of killing, dismembering and eating another man who allegedly agreed to the arrangement over the Internet went on trial for murder Wednesday at a court in central Germany.”

I’m not sure which aspect of this is more disturbing – the fact that somebody committed this act, or the fact that somebody actually (supposedly) wanted them to.

It gives a whole new meaning to online ordering. I wonder if the victim actually “delivered” himself to the customer’s door – and if he took Interac…

Later: I obviously didn’t read the article carefully enough. The killer went to the victim’s house. Also, it was the killer who placed an online ad for anybody willing to be killed and eaten, and the victim who replied. But it’s still disturbing. Any which way you slice it. (I’d better stop now.)

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